Friday 5 January 2018

November Meeting

Lyne's work in progress! We won't ask her how long it's been in progress, but she is pumped with enthusiasm to finish the wonderful quilt!

Cynthia's Latest.  This woman has an innovative masterpiece for every meeting.  Her enthusiasm is contagious. 

New member Audrey, shared her wonderful convergence quilt.  Quite beautiful!

Bethany shared a Charity Quilt being made by an international group of modern quilters who she is working with.  It will be displayed, and sold at QuiltCon 2018. It is a stunning piece!

Sarah shared two quilts.  The first is wonderfully bright and beautifully appliqued!
The second is a poppy started in a class with Elaine Quehl.  Lovely!

Greta shared her beautiful African fabric quilt.  It is such a rich and original quilt.  Thanks for sharing! 

Bill shared his quilt about 'change'.  All of the fabric is dyed by Bill using Indigo or rust,

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