Tuesday 19 January 2021

Libs Elliot Zoom event January 25 2-3 PM EST

We are very excited to be hosting a Zoom event Monday January 25, 2 pm EST with Libs Elliott. This event will be popular, as Libs is an exciting and entertaining quilt artist! Spaces are limited, and are priced at $10 per computer login. Act fast to avoid disappointment!

To attend, e-mail b.stearman@hotmail.com before 9 pm, January 23 to request a ticket.

You will receive instructions for payment bye-transfer IF spaces are still available.

Zoom login information will be sent out on Jan 24 via e-mail.


Quilting with Code

Libs Elliott is known for using computer code and algorithms to create her random quilt pat-terns.
Libs will discuss her ongoing exploration of how technology can transform a traditional craft in-to modern, functional art.

She will show examples of her work and give at-tendees a peek into her design process.


Elizabeth (Libs) Elliott is a textile artist and designer exploring the intersection of technology and traditional craft by using generative design to build handmade quilts. A deep appreciation for craftsmanship, design history and future-focused applications are all reflected in her work. She studied Material Art & Design at OCAD University and received a B.A. in Cultural Studies at Trent University. Her commissions include work for individuals and corporate clients such as Absolut Vodka. She has exhibited her work and done speaking engagements internationally. She designs fabric collections for Andover Fabrics, Inc. Her work has been cov-ered by press such as Gizmodo.com, Design Milk and Casa Vogue Brazil. She lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Libs doesn't 'look like a quilter' (whatever that means).

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