Bay of Quinte Modern Quilt Guild
Article I: Name
The name of this organization shall be the Bay of Quinte Modern Quilt Guild, hereinafter referred to as The Guild or BOQMQG. 
Article II: Purpose
The mission of The Guild shall be to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community.
The work of the Guild shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members. Any profits or gains to the guild shall be used in promoting its purpose.
Article III: Membership
Membership shall be open to any person interested in modern quilts and quilt making. 
3.1 Active Members
a.  New members may join at any time during the calendar year, but membership dues will not be prorated, and membership shall expire at the end of the Guild year (August 31).
          b.  Membership shall be recognized upon payment of annual dues.
c.  Visitors may attend meetings free of charge.  After the fourth meeting, a visitor is expected to become a member by paying the appropriate annual dues.
d.  Active members may participate in and support the projects and activities of the Guild, including the privilege of voting, holding office, serving on committees and membership in the Modern Quilt Guild.  They shall be entitled to preferential placing in any Guild sponsored function, receive a membership roster, have access to minutes of business and general meetings, have access to treasurer’s reports, may place items on the agenda and be informed of all decisions of the Executive Board.

3.2 Youth Members
Membership for persons 18 years of age and under, or students in full time attendance at a post secondary institution, shall be half the established membership dues.
Article IV: Dues/Fees
4.1 Dues
a.  Membership dues assessed members shall be determined by resolution of the Executive Board.  Changes in dues shall be by a two-thirds majority vote of those present and voting at the Annual General Meeting in August, following 30 days notice prior to the meeting.
b.  Annual dues are payable September 1st and members become delinquent on September 30th. 
c.  A member whose dues are not paid by November 1, shall be dropped from the roster.
d.  Dues are non-refundable and are not prorated.
4.2 Fees
a. Fees may be charged for special classes, presentations and/or events as established by the Executive Board.
b. Once paid, fees are not refundable for an event, class or presentation. Exceptions may be made if a suitable substitute (i.e. another member) can be found. In the event of cancellation or reasonable change of circumstances, a refund will be provided.
c. Fees will be published in advance on the website and at General Membership meetings.

Article V: Meetings

5.1 General Membership Meetings
a. General Membership Meetings shall be held on a date and at a place as designated by the Executive Board.
b. Meetings shall be announced on the Guild website and via email to the membership roster.
c. Meetings will be held monthly as agreed to by the Executive Board of the guild
d. The August meeting shall be considered the Annual Meeting.

5.2 Executive Board Meetings
a. Executive Board Meetings will be held quarterly, usually in November, February, May and August.
b. Executive Board Meetings are open to the General Membership.  Notice of attendance and reason for attendance must be made to the President a minimum of one week in advance of the Executive meeting.

5.3 Minutes
a. Minutes of all meetings shall be available to all members through email and on the Guild website.

5.4. Voting
a. Every motion brought to the General Membership Meeting shall be decided by a majority of members present at the meeting.
b. Each member present is entitled to one vote on each motion.  Voting shall be by a show of hands, unless a ballot is requested by a majority of members present.

Article VI: Financial Administration

6.1 The financial year shall be August1 through July 31

6.2 The Executive Board shall set and maintain policies and procedures to control financial records, consistent with generally accepted accounting principles.

6.3 An annual budget shall be approved by the Executive Committee and the membership.

6.4 Members shall be reimbursed for authorized expenses incurred, upon presentation of receipts to the Treasurer.

6.5 A committee consisting of one Executive Board Member and two or more General Members, appointed by the Executive Board, shall examine financial records within 30 days of the close of the fiscal year.

6.6 The financial accounts of the Guild shall be audited every two years, to coincide with the election of new officers, and at such times as the Board deems necessary.

6.7 The treasurer shall prepare a quarterly report for the Executive Board.

Article VII: Nominations and Elections

7.1 The Past President shall act as Nomination Chair, try to obtain nominees prior to the May meeting and oversea the election of officers at the Annual General Meeting.

7.2 Nominations for Guild officers shall be taken at the May meeting. General Membership nominations will be accepted for the next 30 days.  Members may nominate other members, with their permission, or they may self nominate.

7.2 Term of office …
a. Officers shall be elected for a two-year term.
b. No officer shall hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

7.3 Nominations may be made from the floor, with the consent of the nominee, on the day of the election at the June meeting.

7.4 The election shall take place at the Annual General Meeting in June.

Article VIII: Executive Board

8.1 The Executive Officers of the Guild shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

8.2 These Executive Officers shall be elected by the general membership.

8.3 The Executive Board, consisting of the Officers of the Guild, and Standing Committee Chairs, shall
a.     have general supervision of the affairs of the Guild
b. act financially within the parameters set by the annually approved budget, shall not have the power to borrow money, and may authorise the payment of expenditures up to $500 for items not included in the current budget
c. set policy
d. fix the hour and place of the Board and General Meetings
e. publish the minutes of each Executive Board and General Meeting
f. perform other duties as assigned by the Bylaws.

8.4 A quorum of the Executive Board shall be a majority of its members.

8.5 Standing committees may be established as determined by the Executive Board.  Standing Committees may include, but are not limited to:  Web/Social Media, Historian, Librarian, Refreshments, Newsletter, Publicity, Special Projects, Membership, Education, Budget, Program, and Donations Quilts.

Article IX: Duties of Officers

9.1 The President, as an Executive Officer, shall:
          b. preside over all general and Executive Board meetings
          c. break all Executive Board Meeting tied votes
          e. with the approval of Officers, appoint all Committee Chairpersons.
d. attend committee meetings as an ex officio member of the committee as necessary.
          e. coordinate committee activities.
f. perform other duties as required, as the official spokesperson for the Guild.
g. serve as co-signer with the Treasurer for cheques for the Guild.

9.2 The Vice President, as an Executive Officer, shall:
          a. attend all Board meetings of the Guild
b. in the absence of the President, conduct Guild meetings and/or Executive Board meetings.
c. assume the responsibilities of President in the event that the President cannot complete the term of elected office.
d. oversea as co-signer with the Treasurer on cheques of the Guild.
e. oversea the membership roster for the Guild.

9.3 The Secretary, as an Executive Officer, shall:
a. attend all Board meetings of the Guild
b. keep minutes of the general meetings, or arrange for a substitute in his/her absence.
c. post/distribute minutes of the General Meeting and Executive Board Meeting on the Guild website and via email.
d. conduct correspondence for the Guild.

9.4 The Treasurer, as an Executive Officer, shall:
          a. attend all Board meetings of the Guild
b. shall have charge of all funds of the OMQG, receive dues, deposit receipts and disburse monies in a timely manner as authorized by the Executive Board.
c. shall annually prepare a budget which will be approved by the Executive Committee and the general membership.
d. shall maintain all financial records of the BOMQG, and prepare quarterly reports for the Executive committee.
e. shall receive a record of financial transactions from each committee chairperson;
f. shall be a mandatory signing officer for the BOMQG.

9.5 Standing Committee Chairs, as Executive Board Members shall
          a. attend all Board meetings of the Guild
          b. serve at the discretion of the Executive Officers
          c. perform duties as assigned by the Executive Officers
          b. submit up to date reports at Executive Board Meetings
          c. act as a voting member of the Executive Board
Article X: Policies

10.1 The title for all property, funds, and assets of the Guild shall at all times be vested in the Guild for the joint use of members and no member or group of members shall have any servable right to all or any part of such property.

10.2 The membership roster is for use by members only and is not for distribution to non-members, for sale, or for commercial use.

10.3 Upon dissolution of the organization, assets shall be distributed to one or more not-for-profit organization or any charitable organization voted on by the remaining membership.

10.4 All proceedings of the Guild shall be fair and open.  In the event of any dispute over procedure, when guidance cannot be found in the bylaws, the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, shall be followed.

Article XI: Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended at any General Membership Meeting of the Guild by a majority vote of the General Membership present.  Any proposed amendment must be submitted in writing 30 days prior to the meeting, and must have been presented at a General Membership Meeting prior to voting.

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